About us



A combination of the words "pub" (short for Public House) and "Gastronomy" (the study of the relationship between culture and food).

The Story of Avalon

AVALON means Island in Paradise.

It is also the last name of Ali and Gabe, the husband and wife team who own and operate AVALON, Kauai’s first gastropub!

Ali and Gabe have worked together, along with their three sons Kaz, Devin, and Casey, in North Shore restaurants for the past 15 years. In both their personal and professional lives, they enjoy building community by creating great food and good company. Every time their friends and family would leave their home, it was with full bellies, happy hearts, and words of encouragement begging them to open a restaurant of their own. When the opportunity arose for them to create AVALON GASTROPUB, there was no hesitation. Between Ali’s attention to detail, creativity, and management know-how and Gabe’s passion for food and his culinary experience, they have created a place for people to come enjoy familiar dishes and childhood favorites that are locally sourced and organic with exciting twists.  AVALON GASTROPUB is a comfortable, approachable place to find a rotating menu of culinary delights and craft cocktails.